UK Haemophilia Centre Contact Information

These pages provide information on the Haemophillia Centres in the UK; a (HC) next to the name denotes as a haemophilia centre, whilst (CCC) denotes the centre as being a comprehensive care centre.



Gillingham, Kent (HCC)view on map

AddressMedway Maritime Hospital Haemophilia Centre
Pathology Laboratory
Level 4
Medway Maritime Hospital
Windmill Road
01634 830 000
01634 825 219
Centre DirectorDr Vivienne Andrews, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01634 825 219
Other ConsultantsDr M. Aldouri, Consultant Haematologist
Dr. A. Eden, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreLynne Schofield, Sister in Out Patients
Contact Number: 01634 830 000 ext. 3775
Other StaffData Manager: Theresa Ling

Glasgow Adult’s Haemophilia Centre(CCC)view on map

AddressHaemophilia & Thrombosis Centre
Glasgow Royal Infirmary
84 Castle Street
G4 0SF
Telephone 0141 201 6611 / 6622
Emergency/Out of Hours Contact Number0141 211 4000 – ask to speak to haematologist on call
for Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Centre DirectorDr Catherine Bagot, Acting Centre Director and Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 0141 242 9593
Secretary: 0141 201 3654
Other ConsultantsDr Ryan Rodgers, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Jennifer Travers, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Arif Alvi, Associate Specialist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentrePamela Wick, Sister
Nuala McCartan, Sister
Derek Coulter, Staff Nurse
Other Team MembersDentist: Ms Tara Dunsmith
Obstetrician: Dr Vicki Brace
Physiotherapist: Ms Lorraine Friel
Data manager: Helen Cook

Glasgow (R.H.S.C.) (CCC)view on map

AddressPaediatric Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre
Royal Hospital for Sick Children
Ward 2B
D1345 Govan Road
G51 4TF
0141 452 4630
0141 232 7858
Emergency/Out of Hours Contact Number0141 452 4450
Centre DirectorDr Fernando Pinto
Consultant in Paediatric Haematology, Centre Director

Nurses at Haemophilia CentreTBA Non-malignant Paediatric Haematology Nurse Specialist with an interest in Haemoglobinopathies (cross cover Bleeding Disorders/Thrombosis) – Band 7 (37.5h) – recent retirement (recruitment ongoing)

Katrina Adams
Non-malignant Paediatric Haematology Nurse Specialist with an interest in Haemostasis/Haemophilia – Band 6 (37.5h)

Lyn Docherty
Haemostasis/Haemophilia Advanced Nurse Practitioner – Band 7 – retire/return (15h) – (37.5h post recruitment ongoing)

Nadia Catherwood
Non-malignant Paediatric Haematology Nurse Specialist with an interest in Haemoglobinopathies – Band 6 (37.5h)

Robyn Spence Non-malignant Paediatric Haematology Nurse – Band 5 (secondment post)

Other Team MembersSarah Clarke
Consultant in Paediatric Haematology

Grainne O’Brien
Clinical Psychologist (1 session/month Haemophilia Clinic + extra)

Gillian Richardson
Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry

Alison Spence
Clinical Research Sister

Marie Esenkan
Senior Specialist Biomedical Scientist

Gail Allen
Senior Specialist Biomedical Scientist

Jacqueline Cornes

Susan Hurler

Vicki Moffat
Non-malignant Paediatric Haematology Data Manager

Kate MacNeil
Paediatric MSK Physiotherapist (4 sessions/month) + ad hoc assessments

Kirsty Voy
Health Care Support Worker – Band 3 (37.5h)

Great Ormond Street (CCC)view on map

AddressGreat Ormond Street Haemophilia Centre
Haemophilia Paediatric Comprehensive Care Centre
Level 5, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM)
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street
020 7829 8846 / 7990
Emergency/Out of Hours Contact Number020 7405 9200 (switchboard) ask to bleep on-call Haemophilia SpR
WebsiteGreat Ormond Street Hospital Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre
Centre DirectorDr Mary Mathias, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 020 7829 8846
Secretary: 020 7829 8837 / 020 7762 6776
Other Consultants Dr Keith Sibson, Haemophilia Consultant
Dr Alice Taylor, Haemophilia Consultant
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreJemma Efford, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist
Julia Spires, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist
Alpha Barrie, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist and Research Nurse
Other Team MembersAdministrator: Tina Matharu
Orthopaedic Surgeon: Orthopaedic team, GOSH
Physiotherapists: Melanie Bladen, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
& Nicola Hubert, Haemophilia Physiotherapist

Imperial College Healthcare Trust (Hammersmith Hospital) (CCC)view on map

AddressHammersmith Hospital
Comprehensive Care Centre
2nd Floor Garry Weston Centre
Du Cane Road
W12 0HS
Emergency/Out of Hours Contact Number0208 313 1000 ask for on-call red cell registrar
WebsiteHammersmith Hospital Haemophilia Website
Centre DirectorDr Ferras Alwan, Consultant Haematologist.

Phone number: 020 3313 4345

Other Consultants Dr Carolyn Millar, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Philippa Woolley, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreKaren Logan, Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Catherine Ryu, Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Other Team MembersHaemostasis Data Manager: Raquel Quesada
Obstetrician: Ms Muna Noori
Physiotherapist: Jane Padkin
Gillian McMillan: Administrator

Kingston Upon Hull (CCC)view on map

AddressHull Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre
Queen’s Centre for Oncology and Haematology
Castle Hill Hospital
Castle Road
HU16 5JQ
01482 461 403
01482 607 739
Centre DirectorDr David Allsup, Consultant Haematologist
Secretary: 01482 461 296
Emergency/Out of Hours Contact Number01482 328 541
Other Consultants Dr Simone Green, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Jireh Ann-Batac, Specialist Registrar for Haematology
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreKatie Gladstone, CNS Haemophilia
Philippa Barnes, CNS Haemophilia
Jeanette Fenwick, Senior Staff Nurse Haemophilia
Emilie Newman, Senior Staff Nurse Haemophilia
Other Team MembersData Manager: Stephen Brocklesby
Hepatologist: Dr Nicholas Easom
Biomedical Scientist: Janenne Saunders
Obstetrician: Mrs Layleng Yeap
Physiotherapist: Mrs Joanne Minshall
Administrators/secretaries: Sylvia Balyen, Kay Earles
Dentist: TBC

Ipswich(HC)view on map

AddressHaemophilia Centre
The NHS Trust Ipswich Hospital
Heath Road
Telephone 01473 703 718
Centre DirectorDr Isobel Chalmers, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Ioana Whalley, Consultant Haematologist
Secretary: 01473 703 718
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreSharon Kaznica Transfusion Practitioner (Nurse)
Sarah Clarke Transfusion Practitioner (Nurse)
Rebecca Smith Transfusion Practitioner (BMS)

Inverness(HC)view on map

AddressRaigmore Haemophilia Centre
Dept of Haematology
Raigmore Hospital
Old Perth Road
01463 704 020
Emergency/Out of Hours Contact Number01463 704 000 – Ask for Duty Haematologist
Centre DirectorDr J Craig, Consultant Haematologist

01463 704 020

Secretary: 01463 704 576

Other ConsultantsDr Caroline Duncan, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Peter Forsyth, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Katherine Leighton, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Frances Buckley, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Catherine Ogilvie, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreRhoda Patterson, Senior Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Julie Bisset, Paediatric Oncology Nurse Specialist
Other Team MembersConsultant Paediatrician: Dr El Adl
Dentist: Mrs Helen Devennie
Physiotherapist: Fran Bowen
Data Manager: Rebecca Cruickshank