UK Haemophilia Centre Contact Information

These pages provide information on the Haemophilia Centres in the UK; a (HC) next to the name denotes as a haemophilia centre, whilst (CCC) denotes the centre as being a comprehensive care centre.


Aberdeen (HC)view on map

AddressNHS Grampian Haemophilia Centre
Department of Haematology
Ward 307
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
AB25 2ZN
01224 553 357
01224 554 680
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
08454 566 000
Centre DirectorDr Henry Watson, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01224 553 394
Secretary: 01224 553 394
Other ConsultantsDr Gordon Taylor, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Dr Lin Chee, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreLouise Forrest, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist
Other Team MembersPhysiotherapist: Alex McKenzie
Dentist: Clare Donachie
Orthopaedic Surgeon: Jimmy Hutchison
Obstetrician: Katrina Shearer
Hepatologist: Andy Fraser

Abergavenny (HC)view on map

AddressAbergavenny Haemophilia Centre
Nevill Hall Hospital
Brecon Road
01873 732 372
01873 732 913
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01873 732 732 – Ask for on-call Haematologist
Centre DirectorDr Sarah Lewis, Consultant Haematologist
Secretary: 01873 732 259
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreSr Joedy Davies, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Other Team MembersObstetrician: Dr S Parveen

Ashford and St Peter’s (HC) view on map

AddressAshford and St Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust
St Peter’s Hospital
Guilford Road
KT16 0PZ
01932 723 036
01932 723 484
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01932 872 000 (This is a switchboard – it is advised
to attend A&E to be assessed and seek advice
from the duty haematology consultant or the
patient’s Comprehensive Care Centre as appropriate).
Centre DirectorDr Tanya Bernard, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01932 722 120 or 723 432
Other ConsultantsDr Ranjana Mazumdar, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Andrew Laurie, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Srikanth Murali, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreSister Sue Currier, Haematology Nurse Specialist
Contact Number: 01932 722 347
Other Team MembersObstetrician: Dr Sandra Newbold

Bangor view on map

AddressAlaw Unit
Ysbyty Gwynedd
North Wales
LL57 2PW
01248 384 008
01248 384 505
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01248 384 384 – Ask for on call Haematologist
Centre DirectorDr Melinda Hamilton, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01248 384 263
Other ConsultantsDr Sally Evans, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Jim Seale, Consultant Haematologist
Dr D. Edwards, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreNerys Bale, Haematology Specialist Nurse
Laura Edge, Sister Alaw Day Unit
Other Team MembersData Manager: Mark Hunter
Tel: 01248 384 008
Psychological Therapist: Sali Burns
Tel: 01286 662 775
Physiotherapist: Suzie Owen
Tel: 01248 384 102

Barnstaple(HC)  view on map

AddressNorth Devon Haemophilia Centre
Department of Haematology
North Devon District Hospital
Raleigh Park
EX31 4JB
01271 349 198
01271 349 185
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01271 322 577 Bleep 500 or ask for on-call Consultant Haematologist
Centre DirectorDr Jason Coppell, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Jackie Ruell, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01271 349 198
Other ConsultantsDr Loretta Ngu, Consultant
Dr Rebecca Rub, Consultant Paediatrician
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreMelanie Bowyer, Haematology Specialist Nurse
Contact Number: 01271 322 577

Belfast Adults(CCC)  view on map

AddressNorthern Ireland Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre & Thrombosis Unit
Bridgewater Suite
Belfast City Hospital
Lisburn Road
028 950 40444
028 961 59957
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
028 950 40666
Centre DirectorDr Gary Benson, Haemophilia Centre Director
Contact Number: 028 950 40444
Secretary: 028 950 49689
Other Haemophilia ConsultantsDr Chris McCauley
Coagulation Speciality DoctorDr Charlene Neill
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreLindsay Clarke, Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Christine Lynn, Haemophilia Nurse Specialist (Trials Coordinator)
Kirsty McMurray, Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Helen Manson, Haemophilia Sister
Contact Number: 028 950 40444
Other Team Members Clinical Scientist: Dr Katy McKee
Data Manager: Ray McKeown
Dentist: Dr Anne Stevens
Hepatologist: Dr Neil McDougall
Infectious Diseases: Dr Say Quah
Midwife (Haematology Specialist): Caroline Barclay
Obstetrician: Dr Alyson Hunter
Occupational Therapist: Emma Henry
Orthopaedic Surgeon: Mr Gavan McAlinden
Physiotherapist: Lou Sayers
Social Worker: Patricia McGrath

Belfast Childrens(CCC) view on map

AddressBelfast Children’s (CCC)
Children’s Haematology Unit
Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
180 Falls Road
BT12 6BE
Telephone028 9615 0282
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
078 0887 8103 (Telephone Triage Number)
Centre DirectorDr Christine Macartney, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Secretary: 028 9615 6958
Other ConsultantsDr Carole Cairns, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Dr Bethany Mitchell, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreFionnuala Diamond, Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Contact Number: 028 9615 6695
Other Team Members Clinical Scientist: Dr Katy McKee
Data Manager: Ray McKeown
Dentist: Karen Howard
Occupational Therapist: Emma Henry
Physiotherapist: Lou Sayers
Psychologist: Susie Willis
Social Worker: Patricia McGrath

Birmingham Childrens(CCC) view on map

AddressBirmingham Children’s Hospital Haemophilia Unit
Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Steelhouse Lane
B4 6NH
0121 333 9153 / 9150
0121 333 9141
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
0121 333 9132 (Ward 15)
Centre DirectorDr M. D. Williams, Consultant Paediatric Haemotologist
Contact Number: 0121 333 9843
Secretary: 0121 333 9843
Other ConsultantsDr Jayashree Motwani
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreDianne Marshall, Senior Specialist Nurse in Haemophilia
Rebecca Gibson
Natalie Lawson
Other Team Members Data Manager: Leah Denver
Dentist: Mrs Victoria Clark, Consultant Paediatric Dental Surgeon
Clinical ScientistsDr Bimal Theophilus /Dr Andrea Guilliatt
Contact: Molecular Haemostasis Laboratory
Department of Haematology
Telephone: 0121 333 9860-2
Fax: 0121 333 9841

Birmingham Queen Elizabeth(CCC) view on map

AddressWest Midlands Adult Comprehensive Care Haemophilia
& Thrombosis Centre
Ground Floor, Cancer Centre
Old Queen Elizabeth Hospital
B15 2TH
0121 371 4995/7 (Nurses)
0121 371 4989
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
0121 371 2000 switchboard
Centre DirectorDr Charles Percy, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 0121 371 4981

Secretary, April Greenway: 0121 371 7871

Other ConsultantsDr Will Lester, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Gill Lowe, Consultant Haematologist

Secretary, Camillia Edmead: 0121 371 4996

Nurses at Haemophilia CentreHelen Hupston, CNS Team Lead
Pam Green, Community Liason and CNS
Koomeraval Nagapachetty, Haemophilia/Thrombophilia CNS
Juliette Webster, Haematology Specialist Midwife (Birmingham Women’s Hospital)
Other Team Members Haematology Data Analyst: Janice Ward
Dentist: Dr Penny Bardsley
Hepatologist: Professor D. Mutimer
Physiotherapist: Victoria Morris

Bournemouth/Poole(HC) view on map

AddressBournemouth and Poole Haemophilia Centre
Haematology Department
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Castle Lane East
01202 704 786
01202 300 248
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01202 303 626 – switchboard, ask for on-call Haematologist
or ext 4772 Department: Ward 11
Centre DirectorDr Jason Mainwaring, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01202 704 786
Secretary: 01202 704 790
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreClare Scott – Clinical Nurse Specialist Haemophilia & Bleeding Disorders
Other Team Members Physiotherapist (adults): Janine Ord
Physiotherapist (children): Dairin Garland

Bradford(HC)view on map 

AddressBradford Haemophilia Centre
Dept of Haematology
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Duckworth Lane
West Yorkshire


Ward 7 adults: 01274 364 366
Ward 7 day unit adults: 01274 364 516
Paediatric assessment room / Ward 16: 01274 382 312
Susan Smith (non-emergency) adults: 01274 382 511
Linda Brooks (non-emergency) children: 01274 382313
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
Adults: 01274 364 366 Ward 7
Children: 01274 382 312
Centre DirectorDr Sam Ackroyd, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01274 364 203
Secretary: 01274 364 203
Other ConsultantsDr S Pollard, Consultant Paediatrician
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreCecilia Essien and Kirst Mellor, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Adult Service: 01274 382 511
Linda Brooks and Katie Bedford, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Paediatric: 01274 382 313
Other Team Members Physiotherapist: Kathryn Ellison

Brighton(HC)view on map

AddressRoyal Sussex County Hosp
Eastern Road
01273 664 658
01273 664 792
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01273 696 955 Bleep Consultant Haematologist on-call
Centre DirectorDr Brigitta Marson, Consultant Haematologist
Secretary: 01273 664 658
Other ConsultantsDr Paul Hill, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Rosalynd Johnston, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Timothy Corbett, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreMonika Musiol, Nurse with responsibility for Haemophilia
Other Team Members Data Manager: Dr John Duncan, Consultant Haematologist (patients)
Data Manager: Julie Cole, Head Transfusion Scientist (Factor concentrates)
Dentist: Mr Jim Herold, Consultant Oral Surgeon

Bristol (Infirmary&Childrens) (CCC)view on map

AddressBristol Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre
Location D701 (Level 7)
Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre
Horfield Road


Adults: 0117 342 1872
Paediatrics: 0117 342 8721
0117 342 4036
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
Adults: 0117 342 1863
Paediatrics: 0117 342 6998
For both Adults and Childrens ask for on-call Haematologist
Centre DirectorDr Oliver Tunstall, Consultant in Paediatric Haematology
Contact Number: 0117 342 2655 Secretary: 0117 342 8752
Other ConsultantsDr Charlotte Bradbury, Consultant Haematologist (Adults)
Dr Amanda Clark, Consultant Haematologist (Adults)
Dr Andrew Mumford, Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Haematology (Adults)
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreAnna Farrell, Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist (Paediatric)
Emma Franklin, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist (Adults)
Andrew Harvey, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist (Adults)
Clare Pateman, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist (Adults)
Caroline Roberts, Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist (Paediatric)
Other Team Members Centre Coordinator (Data Manager): Antony Woolcomb
Centre Administrator: Megan Evans
Dentist: Mr Tony Brooke
Hepatologist: Dr Fiona Gordon
Obstetrician: Dr Johanna Trinder
Orthopedic Surgeons: Dr Adrian Weale, Dr James Livingstone
Physiotherapists: Mrs Anne Thomas (Adults), Hannah Harbidge (Paediatrics)

Cambridge (CCC)view on map

AddressThe Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre
The Haemophilia & Thrombophilia Centre – Clinic 42
Level 2, Box 217
Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Hills Road
01223 257 039
01223 216 891
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01223 245 151 – Ask for on call Haematology Registrar
Centre DirectorDr Emily Symington, Consultant Haematologist (Adults)
Secretary: 01223 256 059, Amanda Smith
Other ConsultantsDr William Thomas, Consultant Haematologist (Adults)
Dr Anne Kelly, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Dr Mike Gattens, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Dr Emmy Dickens, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreEmma Warner, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist (Adults/Paediatrics)
Manjumol Aji, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist (Adults)
Wacharee (Bo) Bray, Haemophilia Specialist Support Nurse (Adults)
Joanne Crowe, Haemophilia Specialist Support Nurse (Paediatrics)
Vernie Carandang, Haemophilia Specialist Support Nurse (Adults)
Other Team Members Haemophilia Clinical Trials Manager: Katie Warner-Kemp
Haemophilia Data Manager: Nasreen Mirza
Haemophilia Trials & Data Administrator: Hayley Northfield
Physiotherapist: Rotational Post
Dentist: Dr David Adlam
Hepatologist: Dr Gelson
Obstetricians: Mr Hackett, Miss Patient
Orthopaedic Surgeons: Mr Keene, Mr Edwards & Mr Norish

Canterbury (CCC)view on map

AddressKent Haemophilia and Thrombosis centre
Kent & Canterbury Hospital
Ethelbert Road
01227 883 157
01227 783 158
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01227 766 877 – Ask for on-call Haematologist
Centre DirectorDr Gillian Evans, Consultant Haematologist
Secretary: 01227 783 166, Tilly Prince
Other ConsultantsDr K Elliott, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreDella Wakelen, Haemostasis Sister
Karen Davies
Other Team Members Data Manager: Louise White
Secretary to Dr Elliott: Sarah Howland

Cardiff (CCC)view on map

AddressCardiff Haemophilia Centre
University Hospital of Wales
Heath Park
CF14 4XW
02920 743 403
02920 748 266
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
02920 747 747 – ask for on-call Haematology Registrar
Centre DirectorDr Rachel Rayment, Consultant in Haemostasis and Thrombosis
Secretary: 02920 742 155, Sharon Bluett
Other ConsultantsDr Raza Alikhan, Consultant Haematologist
Prof Peter Collins, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Heledd Roberts, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreAna Guerrero, Haemophilia Research Nurse
Clare Ibbs, Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
Lee Morris, Haemophilia Research Nurse
Sylvain Ndjombo, Haemophilia Research Nurse
Michelle Norton, Haemophilia Specialist Nurse
Sarah Smith, Paediatric Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist
Emily Wynn, Paediatric Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialist
Other Team Members Data Manager: Ross Bowden
Data Coordinator: Joanne Jones
Data Coordinator: Stuart Cunningham
Receptionist: Leanne Hall
Dentist: Mr McLoughlin
Hepatologist: Dr Srivastava
Obstetricians: Miss Conner, Marion Beard
Orthopaedic Surgeon: Mr Wilson
Psychologist: Dr Kerry-Ann Holder
Physiotherapists: Fiona Hall, Sarah Jones, Louise Crossley
Social Workers: Rebecca Holland, Helen Cook

Chichester(HC)view on map

AddressChichester Haemophilia Centre
Haematology Department
St Richard’s Hospital
Spitalfield Lane
West Sussex
PO19 6SE
01243 831 415
01243 831 413
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01243 788 122- ask for on-call Consultant Haematologist
Centre DirectorDr Sarah Janes, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01243 831 415
Other ConsultantsDr Paul Stross, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Jamie Wilson, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreViv Griffiths, Haematology Nurse Specialist
Frances Fisher, Sister

Colchester(HC)view on map

AddressColchester Haemophilia Centre
Colchester General Hospital
Turner Road
01206 742 357
01206 746 581
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01206 747 474 ask for on-call Consultant Haemotologist
Nayland Ward : 01206 742 715 / 6
Centre DirectorDr Marion Wood, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01206 742 357
Other ConsultantsDr Mike Hamblin, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Gavin Campbell, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreJoanne Tonkin, Nurse Consultant in Haematology
Linda Golding, Nurse Specialist in Haematology
Siobhan Hunter, Nurse Specialist in Haematology

Coventry(HC)view on map

AddressUHCW Haemophilia Centre Coventry
University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
Ward 34
Clifford Bridge Road
02476 965 394
02476 968 798
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
Ward 34
02476 965 386 – Adults
02476 965 390 – Childrens
Centre DirectorDr Ben Bailiff, Consultant Haemotologist
Contact Number: 02476 965 507
Secretary: 02476 965 549
Other ConsultantsDr Oliver Chapman, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Carol Arbuthnot, Consultant Haematologist, Joint Obstetric Clinic
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreMs Naseem Khan, Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
Ms Kathryn Marshall, Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist
Contact Number: 02476 965 394
Mobile: 07789 986 705
02476 964 000 Bleep 2670/4300
Other Team MembersCounselling Psychologist: Tamily Duggan
Dentist: Dr S. Gomersall
Data Manager: Lesley Bradshaw, Tel: 02476 965 549
Obstetrician: Dr L Farrell