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The table below provides information on where UKHCDO Guidelines have been published and, where applicable, links to the publisher’s website from where the document can be downloaded (in Adobe Acrobat format); these are denoted as “PDF”.

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UKHCDO Guidelines for Research & Publication

YearRefTitle JournalDocumentLink
2015 Haemophilia (2015), 21, 219–226 The incidence of factor VIII inhibitors in severe haemophilia A following a major switch from full-length to B-domain-deleted factor VIII: a prospective cohort comparisonHaemophiliaPDF Link
2014Blood. 2014;124(23):3389-3397Factor VIII brand and the incidence of factor VIII inhibitors in previously untreated UK children with severe hemophilia A, 2000-2011BloodPDF Link
2007 Haemophilia (2007), 13, 149-155Early factor VIII exposure and subsequent inhibitor development in children with severe haemophilia AHaemophiliaPDF Link
2006Thromb Haemost (2006), 96 5: 630-641An investigation of the von Willebrand factor genotype in UK patients diagnosed to have type I von Willebrand diseaseThrombosis and haemostasis (PMID 17080221)Request Link
2006Haemophilia. (2006), 12, (Suppl 1), 16-20Clinical implications of emerging pathogens in haemophilia: the variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease experienceHaemophilia (PMID 16445813)NoneLink
2005 Br J Haematol. 2005 Mar;128(6):830-6The prevalence of the cysteine1584 variant of von Willebrand factor is increased in type 1 von Willebrand disease: co-segregation with increased susceptibility to ADAMTS13 proteolysis but not clinical phenotypeBritish Journal of Haematology (PMID 15755288)PDF Link
2004AIDS. (2004), 18, 525-533The impact of HIV on mortality rates in the complete UK haemophilia populationAIDS Official Journal of the International AIDS SocietyNoneLink
2004Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2010, Issue 8. Art. No.: CD004449. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD004449.pub3Recombinant Factor VIIa concentrate versus plasma derived concentrates for the treatment of acute bleeding episodes in people with Haemophilia A and inhibitors Review
Authors: Hind D, Lloyd-Jones M, Makris M, Paisley S
The Cochrane Collaboration (Wiley)PDF None
2004Blood Coagul Fibrinolysis. 2004 May;15 Suppl 1:S2The European acquired haemophilia registryBlood Coagulation Fibrinolysis (PMID 15166931)NoneLink
2004Clin Med. (2004), 4, 54-56 Gene therapy trials in the UK: is haemophilia a suitable ‘model’?Clinical MedicinePDF Link
2004Haemophilia (2004), 10, 390-396 The Genetics of bleeding disorders: a report on the UK Haemophilia Centre Doctors’ Organisation annual scientific symposium, 10th October 2003Haemophilia (PMID 15230955)None
2004 J Thromb Haemost. 2004 Jul;2(7):1047-54The incidence of factor VIII and factor IX inhibitors in the hemophilia population of the UK and their effect on subsequent mortality, 1977-99Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (PMID 15219185)PDF Link
2004J Thromb Haemost (2004), 2 (1), 205-206The factor VIII gene intron 1 inversion mutation: prevalence in severe haemophilia A patients in the UKJournal of Thrombosis and HaemostasisPDF

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2002AIDS. 2002 Sep 6;16(13):1803-7The incidence of lymphoma in the UK haemophilia population between 1978 and 1999AIDS Official Journal of the International AIDS SocietyPDF
2001Haemophilia (2001), 7, 349-359Treatment of haemophilia in the United Kingdom 1981 – 1996 HaemophiliaNoneLink
1998Haemophilia (1998) 4, 463-473 ReviewTowards achieving global haemophilia care–World Federation of Hemophilia programmes HaemophiliaNoneLink
1997The Lancet – Volume 350, No. 9092, p1704, 6 December 1997New-variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and treatment of haemophilia. Executive Committee of the UKHCDO. United Kingdom Haemophilia Centre Directors’ OrganisationThe LancetLink
1997Thromb-Haemost (1997), 77 (2), 234-237HLA class II profile: a weak determinant of factor VIII inhibitor development in severe haemophilia A. UKHCDO Inhibitor Working PartThrombosis and haemostasis (ISSN 0340-6245)NoneNone
1997The Lancet (1997), 350, 1425-1431Mortality from liver cancer and liver disease in haemophilic men and boys in UK given blood products contaminated with hepatitis CThe LancetLink
1995 Br J Haematol. (1995), 89, 908-910The incidence of factor VIII inhibitors in the United Kingdom, 1990-93British Journal of HaematologyNoneLink