UK Haemophilia Centre Contact Information

These pages provide information on the Haemophillia Centres in the UK; a (HC) next to the name denotes as a haemophilia centre, whilst (CCC) denotes the centre as being a comprehensive care centre.



Manchester Adult’s (CCC)view on map

AddressManchester Adult’s Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre
2nd Floor, Haematology Outpatient Services
Manchester Royal Infirmary
Oxford Road
M13 9WL
0161 276 4810
0161 276 4814
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
0161 276 1234
Centre DirectorProf Charles Hay, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 0161 276 3360
Other ConsultantsDr Michael Nash, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Martin Scott, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Jecko Thachil, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentrePaula Grey, Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Laura Clarke, Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Other Team MembersHaematology Midwife: Mrs Liz Hay
Hepatologist: Dr Martin Prince
Obstetrician: Ms Clare Tower
Orthopedic Surgeon: Mr Sanat Shah
Physiotherapist: Caroline Clegg
Social Worker: Divine Rona Bikoumou
Clinical ScientistsBrenda Sempasa
Molecular Diagnostics Centre
Central Manchester Haematology Service
CADET and MDC Building
Tel: 0161 276 5990 / 4809
Fax: 0161 276 5989

Manchester Children’s (CCC)view on map

AddressManchester Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre, Children’s
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
Haematology Department
2nd Floor Ward 84
Oxford Road
M13 9WL
0161 701 8444
0161 701 8410
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
0161 701 9101
Centre DirectorDr John Grainger, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist

PA: Jessica Freedman
0161 701 8416

Other ConsultantsDr Sabiha Kausar, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Dr Emma Fosbury, Consultant Haematologist

PA: Jessica Freedman
0161 701 8416

Nurses at Haemophilia CentreSr Claire Bentley, Clinical Team Leader
Sr Rachael McDermott Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Sr Michelle Pelling Haematology Nurse Specialist
Other Team MembersData Manager: Anne-Marie Ley
Dentist: Miss Kay Hood
Hepatologist: Dr Fabgemi
Obstetrician: Dr G Busby
Orthopedic Surgeons: Mr T Meadows, Mr T Khan
Physiotherapist: Jemma Leigh
Child Psychologist: Sonia Patel
Social Worker: Janette Watson
Clinical ScientistsDr Anthony Cumming – Consultant Clinical Scientist
Dr Steve Keeney – Principal Clinical Scientist
Molecular Diagnostics Centre
Central Manchester Haematology Service
CADET and MDC Building
Tel: 0161 276 5990 / 4809
Fax: 0161 276 5989

Newcastle upon Tyne (CCC)view on map

AddressNewcastle Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre
Royal Victoria Infirmary
Queen Victoria Road
0191 282 4170
0191 282 0814
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
Adults: 0191 282 5008 – Ward 8
Children’s: 0191 282 5005 / 5006, Ward 5/6
Centre DirectorDr John Hanley, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 0191 282 4170
Other ConsultantsDr Kate Talks, Consultant Haematologist/Co-director of Haemophilia Centre
Contact Number: 0191 282 5131
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreLesley Basey, Staff Nurse
Amy Jungmann, Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Pauline Varty, Senior Staff Nurse
Julie Vowles, Senior Haemophilia nurse Specialist
Contact Number: 0191 282 4772
Other Team MembersDentist: Mr Walton
Hepatologist: Dr Schmid/ Prof. Bassendine
Obstetrician: Mr Loughney
Orthopedic Surgeon: Mr Williams/Mr Briggs
Physiotherapist: David Hopper
Social Worker: Jaquie Leaman
Clinical ScientistsDr Ann Curtis
Northern Genetics Service, Institute of Human Genetics
International Centre for Life, Central Parkway
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 3BZ
Tel: 0191 241 7885 (SS) / 8772 (AC)
Fax: 0191 241 8799

Northampton(HC)view on map

AddressNorthampton Haemophilia Centre
Northampton General Hospital
01604 634 700
01604 545 933
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
Adults: 01604 634 700 Extn 5534 (Talbot–Butler ward)
Children: 01604 634 700 Extn 5319 (Paddington ward) and Extn 5518 (Disney ward)
Centre DirectorDr Suchi Krishnamurthy, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01604 634 700 Extn 5415
Other ConsultantsDr Shahid Ali, Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Angela Bowen, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Alistair McGrann, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Sajjan Mittal, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Jane Parker, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreChristine Hipwell, Junior Sister
Annette Steele, Sister
Liz Williams, Staff Nurse
Contact Number: 01604 634 700 Extn 5031

North Hampshire(CCC)view on map

AddressNorth Hampshire Haemophilia, Haemostasis & Thrombosis Centre
Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Aldermaston Road
RG24 9NA
01256 314 793
01256 314 889
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01256 473 202 – ask switchboard for on-call Consultant Haematologist
Centre DirectorDr Sarah Mangles, Director and Consultant Haematologist
Secretary: 01256 314 793
Other ConsultantsDr Tamara Everington, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Udaya Reddy, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreLara Oyesiku, Nurse Manager and Clinical Nurse Specialist
Hazel Cordial, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Other Team MembersSupport staff:
Dentist: Dr Caroline Frolander
Hepatologist: Dr Corinne Brooks
HIV: Dr Neelam Radja
Obstetrician: Mr Ian Simpson
Orthopaedic Surgeon: Joint specific named consultant
Physiotherapist: Anna Wells
Paediatric physiotherapist: Dairin Garland
Clinical Psychologist: Dr Sarah Whitaker
Clinical Psychologist: Dr Laura Flower
Administrative staff:
Operational Manager: Gabriel Salah
Network Coordinator: Karen Hitching
Business Support: Karen Hitching

North Staffordshire(HC)view on map

AddressNorth Midlands Haemophilia Centre
Royal Stoke University Hospital
C/o Ward 201/202
Newcastle Road
Stoke On Trent
01782 672 578
08442 448 581
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
Adults: 01782 672 201
Children: 01782 674 477
Centre DirectorDr Deepak Chandra, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01782 674 284
Secretary: 01782 674 285
Other ConsultantsDr David Sutton Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01782 675 145
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreClaire Forrester, Haemophilia Nurse Practitioner
Melanie Hughes, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Bleeding Disorders
Tel: 01782 672 578 or 01782 715 444 (switchboard)
and ask to bleep Monday-Friday 08.30-16.30

Other Team MembersPhysiotherapist: Nikki Wain, c/o Ward 201

Norwich(HC)view on map

AddressNorfolk and Norwich Haemophilia Centre
Department of Haematology
Colney Lane
01603 287 866 or 01603 646 753
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
01603 646 753
Centre DirectorDr Hamish Lyall, Consultant Haematologist
Secretary: 01603 287 866
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreAmanda Hutchings, Specialist Nurse

Nottingham(CCC)view on map

AddressNottingham Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre
Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust
Queens Medical Centre campus
D Floor East Block
Derby Road
0115 970 9994
0115 970 9186
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
0115 924 9924 – ask to bleep the on-call Haematologist
Centre DirectorDr Charlotte Grimley, Associate Specialist in Haematology
Secretary: 0115 970 9187
Other ConsultantsDr C Chang, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Gill Swallow, Consultant Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreMerri Foros, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Michelle Kightley, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Linda Trower, Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist
Other Team MembersData Manager: Hazel Haye
Clerical Assistant: Lauren Hodgman
Physiotherapist: Tracey Dandy
Psychologist: Dr Safeena Ghufran
Clinical Scientist Dr Marian Hill – Principal Clinical Scientist
Molecular Diagnostics, Department of Clinical Chemistry
Tel: 0115 875 4593
Fax: 0115 970 9189

Oxford(CCC)view on map

AddressOxford Haemophilia & Thrombosis Centre
Churchill Hospital
For advice or treatment M to F 9am to 5pm:
01865 225316 or 01865 225308/9 or mobile: 07776 135752
For non-urgent enquiries email
For advice or treatment M to F 9am to 5pm:
01865 226562
For appointments & enquiries M to F 9am to 4pm: 01865 234212
or email
(emails for non-urgent use only)
Emergency /
Out of Hours Contact Number
For emergency advice or treatment outside office hours at weekends and Bank Holidays:
0300 304 7777
Please ask to speak to the ‘on-call Specialist Registrar in Haematology’
Centre DirectorDr Susie Shapiro, Consultant Haematologist
Contact Number: 01865 225 316
Other ConsultantsDr Nicola Curry, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Claire Davies, Consultant Haematologist
Dr Dalia Kahn, Locum Consultant Haematologist
Dr Neha Bhatnagar, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Dr Georgina Hall, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Nurses at Haemophilia CentreSayma Raza-Burton, Senior Specialist Nurse Practitioner (Adults)
Vicky Minty, Specialist Nurse Practitioner (Adults)
Elsa Curtis, Nursing Assistant (Adults)
Rochelle Lay, Senior Specialist Nurse Practitioner (Adults)
Marie Eales, Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner (Paediatric)
Sarah Pool, Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner (Paediatric)
Alice Wilkinson, Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Paediatric)

Jamie Burbage, Lead Research Nurse
Simon Fletcher, Haemophilia Research Nurse
Olivia Lecocq, Research Admin Assistant

Other Team MembersCentre Manager: Michael Meyers
Data Manager: Karen Cairns
Haemostasis Laboratory Manager: Peter Baker
Dentist: Mark Taylor
Genetics Clinical Scientist: Patricia Bignell
Hepatologist: Jane Collier
Infectious Diseases Consultant: Chris Conlon
Obstetric Physician: Dr Lucy Mackillop
Orthopaedic Surgeons: Chris Dodd, Mark Rogers, Chris Little
Physiotherapists: Stephanie Taylor, Claire Gilson, Bridget Gould